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make your guests accommodate with a simple code

Now you can also connect it to your Hotel Management / PMS / OTA / Channel Manager!

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The APIs (from the English acronym Application Programming Interface),
allow you to connect your Hotel Management / PMS / OTA / Channel Manager directly to Keyless® bEar-Code Code Generator

The APIs automate the Check-in process, generating an opening code for your bEar-Code Keyless® inputs AUTOMATICALLY!


it’s hard to be simple...

bEar-Code guarantees maximum security for guests, service personnel and owner.
The codes can also be created before the beginning of the stay, through the dedicated website or API.

The codes have a precise temporal validity (they are activated and deactivated on the days set by you).

(optional accessory)


DEACTIVATE all electrical services
(air conditioning, lights, TV, heating, etc.) AUTOMATICALLY when the code expires.

The control unit keeps the current time and date in memory and provides for the change from daylight saving time to automatic solar time.
Simplify and eliminate guests' check-in and check-out process.


bEar-Code is an access control that is easy to use and at the same time efficient and inviolable.
It is based on a very complex algorithm that guarantees secure access only to the owners of the code and only on the days indicated.
The codes can be valid from 1 to 9 days.


how to ride a bike ...
bEar-Code is for everyone!
By typing a simple code you can easily access the building or open the automatism connected to it.
When the code expires, access is safe and inaccessible.


there is no limit to the possibility of applying bEar-Code on any automatism.
Bed & Breakfast, Hotels, Gyms, Clubs, Apartments for short-term rent, Conference / Meeting Rooms, Offices for rent for a fixed term, Guest houses, Garages, Motels, etc.


like a safe!
bEar-Code is absolutely safe. Allows access only to holders of valid codes and only on fixed days.
An advanced algorithm, allows you to create up to
10 million combinations, thus guaranteeing the invulnerability of the system.
bEar-Code is also equipped with sliding-code (a system that prevents the visual storage of the code to those around you). After 4 incorrect code attempts, the system stops for 3 minutes.

how NOT to connect it


where to buy

buy your bEar-Code online

how to manage it

bEar-Code manage it remotely WITHOUT CONNECTIONS.
Create the code directly from your Reserved Area and communicate it to your guest

where to apply it

Wherever there is a need to provide temporary access WITHOUT keys, smartphones, apps, tags, badges, NFCs, Bluetooth ...
Simply type in a code and the door opens



The overwhelming and archaic keys are now replaced by safe and innovative electronic systems, guaranteeing a better quality of life with safety.

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