Kit bEar-Code Keyless®

Power supply 110/220V-12V, Central unit, keypad

€ 299,00 + VAT

Price for each individual door

+ subscription/recharge

with just one subscription, you can manage up to 99 keyboards distributed over several structures in the world

Select the desired rate by clicking on the image

14,00 € /11 codes

9,90 € /monthly

19,90 € /monthly

34,90 € /monthly

The codes created have a maximum validity of 9 days
from the validity start date.

For validity of more than 9 days,
create a second code valid from the 10th day

how NOT to connect it


where to buy

buy your bEar-Code online

how to manage it

bEar-Code manage it remotely WITHOUT CONNECTIONS.
Create the code directly from your Reserved Area and communicate it to your guest

where to apply it

Wherever there is a need to provide temporary access WITHOUT keys, smartphones, apps, tags, badges, NFCs, Bluetooth ...
Simply type in a code and the door opens



The overwhelming and archaic keys are now replaced by safe and innovative electronic systems, guaranteeing a better quality of life with safety.

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