Hacking get out!

The security of bEar-Code by Keyless is unique!

It can be installed on any electric lock of doors in wood, iron, aluminum or armored doors, gates, bars, automatisms in general.
There is no limit to the possibilities of installation.
Security is guaranteed by a very powerful algorithm, specially engineered for you; up to 10 million combinations prevent access attempts with random codes (random codes).
The keypad even if torn, does not allow fraudulent opening.
Any abnormal interaction with the keyboard
(attempts of random codes, entry attempts with different daily validity), they send the system in bulk for 1 minute.
In any case, even in the event of faults due to power surges, lightning or overload conditions, the lock can be opened with the normal keys.

Hacking get out!

It is not possible to violate the security of bEar-Code!
bEar-Code is not connected to communication systems
(Cloud, Wi-Fi, RFID, TAG, NFC or any transmission method or wireless credentials);
it is simply installed in Stand Alone mode.

IP67 anti-vandal keypad
High-density polycarbonate structure
Every single key is guaranteed for 4 million minimum pressures


how NOT to connect it


where to buy

buy your bEar-Code online

how to manage it

bEar-Code manage it remotely WITHOUT CONNECTIONS.
Create the code directly from your Reserved Area and communicate it to your guest

where to apply it

Wherever there is a need to provide temporary access WITHOUT keys, smartphones, apps, tags, badges, NFCs, Bluetooth ...
Simply type in a code and the door opens



The overwhelming and archaic keys are now replaced by safe and innovative electronic systems, guaranteeing a better quality of life with safety.

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