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Bed & Breakfast?
Holiday home?
Office in share?
Music studio?
Room for hours?

Key collection and delivery

you have not evaluated the commitment to which it takes you ...
The delivery of the keys is one
in fact!

Remote management

Sit in the armchair and check your access from your SmartPhone / PC / Mac / Tablet
and from ANY device
via Web Browser

Install Keyless now

Don't wait any longer,
contact immediately
your Electrician and ask for installation.
Access control has never been so easy as now!


Access on your
bEar-Code Keyless Account


Create a valid enter Code


Send to your guest …
(NOT at the keypad)
the code created


The code entered on the keypad is able to "communicate" to the system its validity and duration

Frequent questions

Below you will find the answers to the questions
that we receive more frequently.

What kind of lock does bEar-Code handle?


Electric lock of any make and model
Electronic lock of any make and model
Motorized lock of any make and model
Electric Door strike for mechanical locks of any make and model

Automation in general:
Electric shutters
Electric gates
Parking bars
Accesses or access roads
Condominium doors

How to open the doors ?

Typing a easy 7-digit code

keyless 1

How do I create a code?

By accessing your bEar-Code Keyless Web Account Setting the start date and duration of the code.
The system "codes" the code and prepares it to open the indicated ports

keyless 3
keyless 2

How do I send the code to the keypad?

No need! All keyboards are AUTONOME and NOT CONNECTED to the Internet.
You share the code with your guest via e-mail, WhatsApp, phone call, SMS, FAX ... or as you prefer.

keyless 5

How does the keyboard know if the code is valid?

The keyboard has a powerful algorithm that "decodes" the previously "encoded" code on the bEar-Code Keyless® Web account

If I have more doors to open before the rented one, do I have to generate more codes?

No! Only ONE is enough. The generated code opens all the doors set as "common" plus the one you rented.

keyless 6

Can I have a fixed code always valid to access the ports?

Sure! Every single keypad adopts a "master" code (different or equal - it depends on you) always valid.(functionality subject to the flow of codes generated online)
Service personnel use that code to enter.

keyless 7
keyless 4

For each port, do I have to have a dedicated account?

No! Only one account is needed to manage up to 99 ports (all nearby, or scattered around the world ... it doesn't matter)

keyless 8

Do the codes generated for guests have an automatic expiration?

Of course! You can generate codes with automatic expiration based on the check-out time. The maximum duration of a code is 9 days (for security reasons). If a guest stays longer than 9 days, you will need to generate 2 codes (one valid from the first to the ninth day, the other valid from the tenth day onwards ... and so on.

Is the system safe?

Safety is a priority for Keyless®!
bEar-Code Keyless® is not connected to anything ... so it is NOT Hackerable.
The codes generated have 10 million possible combinations.
If you type more than 3 random codes, the keypad will lock out for 1 minute

keyless 9

If I'm running out of my Codes Package, can I integrate it with others?

Sure! If you realize you have purchased an Insufficient Code Package, you can upgrade to the upper package by paying only the difference.

keyless 11
keyless 10

Is the online code generator a fee?

Yes. You can pre-purchase Code Packages according to your needs (on consumption or monthly).
If you have a seasonal activity, you can even buy a dedicated package.

keyless 12

Can I cancel a Code already generated and prevent entry?

Yes. You must enter the code deletion directly on the keypad.
(service personnel can do it too)

The bEar-Code kit works WITHOUT connections


Without GSM, Without WI-FI, Without CLOUD, Without NFC, Without BLUETOOTH, Without INTERNET, Without BADGE, Without KEYS, Without REMOTE CONTROL


See how easy it can be to create a code,
comfortably seated in an armchair

Don't waste time with the keys

you have better things to do ...

Application fields


Bed & Breakfast, Holiday Home, Short Term Rental, Shared Office, Common Spaces - Conference Rooms, Gyms, Waiting Room, Co-Owned Office, Time Sharing Property, Summer or Winter Residence, Accommodation Facilities, Hotels, Airports, etc .


Building with multiple doors?

bEar-Code can be installed on any door
with electric, electronic or motorized lock of any make and model;
on electric gates, automatic shutters, parking bars or road gates, electric shutters, etc.
You no longer have to worry about delivering keys or other tools to your guests.

Generate a code with a predetermined deadline on your account and share it with the user
(via e-mail, SMS, voice, Whatsapp, Telegram or any other form of communication) ...
and this is all!

how NOT to connect it


where to buy

You can buy bEar-Code at the Official Dealer of your City
 or online

how to manage it

bEar-Code you manage it remotely
Create the code directly from your Reserved Area and communicate it to your guest.
You can also have it managed via API directly from Booking, Expedia, AirBnB, Trivago, etc.

where to apply

Wherever there is a need to provide temporary access WITHOUT keys, smartphone, App, Tag, Badge, NFC, Bluetooth ... WITHOUT ANYTHING
Just type in a code
and the door opens
Applicable to electric, electronic, motorized locks of any make and model; electric gates, automatic shutters, parking bars or road gates, electric shutters, etc.




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